About Liz Jackowitz

Over 5 years ago, knowing it was time for a true lifestyle change, Liz walked through the doors of her local Crossfit and has never looked back.

With a limited athletic background, several pounds to lose and much to learn, Liz threw herself into the program- all in!   Within a few months she was leaner, fitter and had discovered her true passion: Crossfit

Liz did not anticipate the amazing emotional changes that came along with the physical ones and she found herself happier and feeling better than she ever had. Wanting to spread the word and pay it forward, Liz knew the next step for her was to become a coach. In October 2012, Liz earned her Crossfit Level 1 certification and started her career as a fitness instructor.

Liz Jackowitz continues to work and grow as both an athlete and trainer and thrives teaching the many amazing people who courageously seek to improve their own lifestyle and fitness, just as she did over 5 years ago.

Currently, Liz is teaching a small group class called “The Whole Enchilada

The Whole Enchilada
A Complete Fitness Program that focuses on NUTRITION + FITNESS + LIFESTYLE

For more information on personal training, “The Whole Enchilada” or general questions, please use the contact us form to reach out.  You can also call Liz at 917-692-2539


Crossfit Level 1 October 2012
Crossfit Coaches Prep Course 2013
OPEX Mixed Modal Training 2013
Catalyst Olympic Lifting seminar 2012
OPEX CCP Assessment 2015